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About HyperbaricRedlight:

Hyperbaric Red Light was founded by a wife and husband team—Farrah & Mitchell—after witnessing the healing power that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) offers.

Always feeling sick, being overweight, and not getting results from standard care, Mitchell knew there had to be a better way. They turned to alternative medicine, dietary changes, exercise and finding health in other natural and therapeutic places.

They were introduced to HBOT on a personal level when Mitchell’s mother used it for accelerated healing after an intensive surgery. After seeing how quick the results were, they knew hyperbaric oxygen therapy was powerful.

Both Farrah & Mitchell want to help others supercharge their health, healing, and energy with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. They have combined their occupational pursuits in marketing and entrepreneurship in the founding of Hyperbaric Red Light.

In pursuit of excellence, Farrah and Mitchell have become IBUM certified hyperbaric technicians. They continue their education through reading, yearly seminars and retreats, and participating in the hyperbaric and alternative health community.

From personal experience to personal service, Hyperbaric Red Light stands out as a patient-focused center where treatment is provided in a professional yet spa-like atmosphere to facilitate the healing process. The contrast therapy of hyperbaric oxygen with red light therapy is empowering.

More Oxygen + More Blood Flow =